Bellota Ham: Het Geheim van Topchefs voor de Perfecte Zomerkaart

Every top chef strives for perfection in their dishes, especially during the summer when guests are looking for light, yet flavorful meals. An ingredient that can provide this refinement is Bellota ham. Known for its rich, nutty flavor and traditional aging, this delicacy can be the star of your summer menu. Discover how Bellota ham can elevate your dishes and differentiate your restaurant.

The Unique Quality of Bellota Ham

Bellota ham, sourced from the Iberian pigs that graze in the Spanish oak forests, is known for its unique flavor profile. These pigs feed on acorns, which contributes to the refined, nutty flavor of the meat. The ham is traditionally aged, sometimes for up to four years, which provides a deeper flavor and a melt-in-the-mouth texture. These properties make Bellota ham a favorite among top chefs who are looking for ingredients of the highest quality.

Inspiring Summer Recipes for Restaurants

  1. Bellota Ham and Melon Salad:

    • Combine thinly sliced ​​Bellota ham with ripe melon, fresh mint, and a light vinaigrette. This dish offers a perfect balance between sweet and salty, ideal for hot summer days.
  2. Bellota Ham Tartare:

    • Make a luxurious tartare from finely chopped Bellota ham, mixed with fresh herbs and a delicate dressing. Serve with crispy crostini for an elegant appetizer.
  3. Stuffed Ravioli with Bellota Ham:

    • Prepare homemade ravioli filled with a mixture of Bellota ham and ricotta. Serve with a light tomato sauce and fresh basil for a refined Italian touch.

Food Pairing: Wines and Bellota Ham

The rich taste of Bellota ham requires carefully selected wines. Recommendations are dry, fresh white wines such as Albariño or a light, fruity red wine such as Pinot Noir. For a surprising combination, try a dry sherry. These drinks complement the complex flavors of the ham and enrich your guests' dining experience.

Creating a Bellota Ham Board

A well-put-together Bellota ham board can be the focal point of your menu. Combine the ham with different types of cheeses, nuts, fresh fruit, and artisan bread. A stylish presentation on a wooden board, complemented by fresh herbs and olives, provides a visually appealing and tasty experience.

Seasonal Menus and Bellota Ham

Bellota ham is versatile and fits perfectly into seasonal menus. Think of summer dishes such as a light Bellota ham carpaccio with arugula and Parmesan cheese, or a fresh gazpacho with pieces of Bellota ham. These dishes use local, seasonal produce and highlight the exceptional quality of the ham.

Bellota Ham as a Marketing Tool

Using premium products such as Bellota ham can differentiate your restaurant from the competition. Promote your summer menus with Bellota ham through social media and marketing campaigns. Share compelling photos and stories behind the dishes to engage and excite customers.

Discover the versatility and unparalleled quality of Bellota ham and integrate it into your summer menus. Let your guests enjoy the refined flavors and take their culinary experience to the next level. Order your Bellota ham at and experience for yourself why top chefs worldwide choose this delicacy. Share your Bellota ham creations on social media with #FoodStepsSummer and inspire others with your culinary masterpieces.